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Unlocking Engineering Excellence with eNastran Engineering’s Simulation Focus

With over 35 years’ experience with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) eNastran Engineering’s focus on simulation technology insures the value our customers receive from our training and analyst mentoring. Our customers can rely on the satisfaction gained by saving every analyst weeks of self-learning for each training/mentoring day they attend. The process is centered on helping people understand the principles and practices of simulation and understanding the essential practical techniques that make a real difference in achieving successful and optimal engineering outcomes.

At eNastran Engineering, we offer specific training courses in Femap, NX Nastran, Autodesk Nastran, and Autodesk Inventor Nastran, along with general training in the principles of FEA for engineers and managers. Effective training in the proper application of finite element analysis software is crucial for both individuals and companies to achieve superior engineering outcomes. With our depth of practical simulation expertise, the return-on-investment through our training programs is maximized. Even experienced FEA users often discover new techniques and features that enhance their capabilities after completing our training. Our training approach is centered on accelerating user productivity through a balanced combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on workshop applications of the software.

Practical FEA for Engineers and Managers Course: This specialized course focuses on the techniques and challenges of simulation, with less emphasis on any specific software package. Aimed at individuals responsible for managing and understanding FEA, its capabilities, and limitations, this course highlights critical aspects of quality analysis common to any mechanical/structural simulation, regardless of the FEA package used. It covers material and processes similar to those used by eNastran Engineering when auditing other analysts’ models and results, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the quality and accuracy of the work performed.

Analyst Mentoring: Our Analyst Mentoring program provides on-site, on-the-job training. Trainees work alongside our experienced eNastran Engineering staff, either on-site or offsite, while performing a customer FEA project. The focus is on swiftly progressing the FEA project while imparting software operations, practical simulation techniques, and valuable tips, tricks, and traps for designers and analysts in a real project environment. All this is achieved without disrupting company staff resources. We recommend conducting this activity in blocks exceeding two consecutive days, and we remain flexible to meet our customer’s specific requirements. Experience the power of eNastran Engineering’s training and analyst mentoring to unlock your team’s full potential in the realm of engineering simulations. Contact us today to discuss your training needs and take the first step toward engineering excellence.

Autodesk Inventor Nastran Training: Autodesk Inventor Nastran is a FEA pre-and post-processor embedded in the Autodesk Inventor. Inventor Nastran is available in the Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection. Through a hands-on, practice-intensive curriculum, students acquire the knowledge required to work in the Autodesk Inventor Nastran environment to set up and conduct FEA on part and assembly models.

Autodesk Inventor Nastran Training Options:

  • You can customize the training according to your needs, choosing among basic, advanced, and specialized topics.
  • Training is onsite or remote.
  • Inventor Nastran consulting and engineering services.
  • We can also augment existing training courses offered by other companies. If you are an existing Autodesk Nastran training facility please contact us if you would like more information on our training services.

Basic Training Courses:

  • Inventor Nastran (16 hours)
    • Introduction and Interface
    • Analysis Types overview
    • Materials and Idealizations
    • Geometry Preparation and Mid-Surfacing
    • Constraints and Loads
    • Connectors
    • Meshing
    • Linear Contact
    • Subcase creation, setup, and modification
    • Analysis
    • Results Processing and Interpretation
  • Basic Heat Transfer (8 hours)
    • Steady-State Heat Transfer
    • Conduction
    • Convection
    • Radiation
    • Thermal Stress
  • Basic Composites (8 hours)
  • Basic Nonlinear (8 hours)
    • Large Deformation
    • Material Nonlinear – Plasticity and Nonlinear Elasticity
  • Basic Dynamics (8 hours)
    • Modal Analysis
    • Transient Response Analysis
    • Automated Impact Analysis
  • Autodesk Nastran Under the Hood (8 hours)
    • Assessing Solution Quality
    • Best Practices
    • Enhancing Performance
    • Enhancing Accuracy
    • Diagnosing Bad Models
    • Basic Nastran FEA Theory

Advanced Training Courses:

  • Advanced Heat Transfer (8 hours)
    • Transient Heat Transfer
    • Phase Change
    • Contact Conductance
  • Advanced Composites (8 hours)
    • Nonlinear Composite Failure
    • Sandwich Materials
    • Modeling Isogrid Materials
  • Nonlinear Contact (8 hours)
    • 3D contact solid-solid
    • 3D contact shell-solid
    • 3D contact shell-shell
    • Interference Fit
  • Advanced Nonlinear (16 hours)
    • Advanced Material Nonlinear – Deformation Plasticity, Concrete, Nitinol, Hyper-Elasticity
    • Nonlinear Buckling
    • Nonlinear Transient Response
    • Nonlinear Prestress Modal
    • Nonlinear Prestress Transient Response
  • Advanced Dynamics (16 hours)
    • Frequency Response
    • Random Response
    • Response Shock Spectrum
    • Modal Summation
    • Model Reduction
  • Fatigue (8 hours)
    • Stress-Life
    • Strain-Life
    • Multi-Axial Fatigue
    • Vibration Fatigue
  • Optimization (8 hours)
    • Inventor Nastran Topology Optimization
    • Inventor Shape Generator
    • Introduction to Fusion360 Generative Design

Embrace the power of simulation with eNastran Engineering’s expert training and experience a transformative journey in engineering excellence. Contact us today to explore how our specialized courses can elevate your team’s skills and propel your engineering endeavors to new horizons.

Prerequisites for this Autodesk Inventor Nastran Training Course: This training course assumes that you have FEA knowledge, can interpret results, and in general, know how a model should be set up for an analysis.

Femap and NX Nastran Training

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