Custom Engineering Software Development

eNastran Engineering are experts at creating simulation and optimization software.  We are the developers of NEi and Autodesk Nastran and Autodesk Nastran SIMP Topology Optimization.  Whether you are a start-up or well-established CAE company we can help you get your product to market faster and make it more competitive. 

eNastran Engineering also develops preprocessing applications, FEA templates, and custom FEA models. Custom FEA refers to the development of specialized FEA models tailored to address the specific needs and challenges of a particular industry or application. These custom FEA models are versatile and allow engineers to vary parameters for different designs to optimize performance, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency. eNastran Engineering can also develop front end applications and FEA templates for a specific part or assembly where parameters can be varied based on specific design parameters. For example, a gear company needs a product that can generate gear finite element models when their engineers provide gear parameters.

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